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Outwell Fuji Electric Camping/Patio Heater

For mid-tent suspension this hanging heater lamp will keep you warm on chilly summer nights and also provide your tent with a glowing pleasant light.

Outwell Hekla Heater

Stay warm whatever the weather with a handy camping heater. The quiet Outwell Hekla heats up quickly and has two power settings and adjustable thermostat. The tip over switch and overheat protection ensure safety in the tent and there’s a remote control for easy operation. On warmer days, the heater can be used as a fan on the cold setting. A removable dust filter makes it easier to clean.

Outwell Katla Camping Heater

Ideal for smaller tents, this handy, lightweight camping heater is essential on out of season camping trips. Quickly warming up the temperature, you’ll be snug as a bug in no time. Two power settings and an adjustable thermostat put you in control, while the tip over switch and overheat protection keep you safe. If the weather warms up, simply switch it to the cold air fan.